Broaching & Machining

Production Broaching: Our complete broaching services, in prototype or production quantities include...
Surface Broaching - We can broach most external configurations to closer tolerances, with better surface finishes than by milling or shaping.
Keyway Broaching - Broaching Service in Warren, MI
Keyway Broaching – We have keyway broaches in stock for broaching widths from 3/32” wide up to 5/8” wide.
Internal Broaching – Our large inventory of internal broaches allows us to handle most broaching requirements. We have square, hex, octagon, involute spline and SAE straight-sided splines broaches. Our inventory also includes round, double d and single d broaches. If we don’t have the size you require send us a print and one can be made for your product.
Internal Broaching - Broaching Service in Warren, MI
Broaching Capabilities - Broaching Service in Warren, MI
Equipments - Broaching Service in Warren, MI
Broaching Capabilities – We have up to twenty ton pulling capability on our vertical and horizontal broaching machines. Both types of machines are capable of pulling up to seventy-two inch long tools.
Production Machining – Our wide variety of secondary machining equipment enables us to alter your broached parts in house without having to send them to another machining source.
Centerless Grinding – Thru-feed and In-feed grinders can give you a 10-20 micro on your parts. We can also grind up to a 2.0” diameter in our thru-feed grinder and 3 1/2” on our in-feed.
Milling – We have multiple Bridgeport milling machines.
Turning – We have CNC and manual tool room lathes.